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3 reasons why you should register for the ProTreat webinar on October 27th

Updated: Feb 13, 2021

Please register for this webinar event by clicking here: ProTreat Webinar

Why would promote a webinar run by the agents of LCP?

#1 Larger numbers attending the webinar will show the strength of feeling within the community.

These numbers get seen by WSCC and other consultees. A recent Freedom of Information request to WSCC already shows that local concern has been noticed.

#2 Ask your questions in person on the webinar, not in advance.

Some members of submitted questions in advance (as requested by ProTreat), before the August webinar. However these were NOT answered on the webinar and were answered by reply of email before it. This led to questions being minimised and managed on the webinar which could potentially create a false impression. It also provided ProTreat with insight into community concerns which they could use during the webinar.

So instead we suggest you wait and ask a question on the day, as then you should get an answer which the whole community can hear the answer to.

#3 Gain current insight into the proposed plans from the agents

LCP started investigating the proposed site in 2017. Regulations for planning are subject to change and at time of writing there are still many unknowns about this proposal. For example - what is the confirmed HGV route into and out of the site? This could see HGVs travelling 42 times a day past your home, past the bus stop your children stand at to catch the school bus, past your livery yard, along your cycle route to work. How will the Public Rights of Way be protected from the same trucks and machinery once in the woodland, or will we be expected to wait and let HGVs pass whilst our children and pets stand at the side of the access road? Hopefully some of these concerns will be covered in the next webinar. We will wait and see……

Want to get involved? Sign the petition on Email the volunteer team, follow, like and share our posts on social and be ready to protest if a planning application appears.



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