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Just this time last week, we thought we had an appeal to fight and then bingo, it was WITHDRAWN! The reasons for withdrawal were stated as ‘….Loxwood Clay Pits Limited (LCP) has decided to withdraw its appeal application. The inquiry window follows on from King Charles’ Coronation and it is simply not possible for those who need to be involved to be available.’ And this specific application cannot be made or appealed again!

However, the applicant went on to say ‘LCP has instead decided to submit a new planning application in due course.’ This new application will have to be different!

We are not surprised by this, but it does mean that we all need to remain vigilant - keeping our eyes and ears open!

So there is nothing more to do at this time than simply carry on enjoying our lovely woodland, even more so now and especially as we approach Spring and Summer.

Stop Loxwood Claypit Community Action Group would like to extend our sincerest thanks to the many hundreds of our supporters from across our communities. We thank you for your time, your active help, and not least, your financial support - we could not have done this without you!

All that is left to say is, thank you King Charles!


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