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Are Protreat having problems with their next Public Consultation webinar admission process?

Updated: Feb 13, 2021 have heard from an increasing number of people over the past couple of weeks, who’ve been unable to register for ProTreat’s October 27th public pre-consultation webinar.

We’re not sure if ProTreat are having a technical issue with their admission process. But our understanding is that as part of the public pre-consultation, they are keen to ensure that any interested parties can register to attend, so that as many people as possible understand what their plans are.

Given the popularity of the woods, there are many walkers, cyclists, horse riders and social groups from outside the immediate village who use the area. They regularly visit and enjoy Pallinghurst Woods at Loxwood. And have done so for many years.

Do you use these woodland spaces? Or have any vested interest (past or future) in the local community whatsoever? Then regardless of where you may live, if you’ve had a push back from Chris Williamson, (Director of ProTreat), we’d suggest going back via email and asking to be registered.

We’re sure you’ll then get admitted to this public pre-consultation process, as any changes could impact you as a user of the space which could be affected by any future planning.

Let us know how you get on.



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