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Last chance to hear from Protreat and LCP about what could happen in the woods....register now!

Updated: Mar 8, 2021

Just a few days left to register for Loxwood Clay Pits (LCP), agent Protreat's third and final "community consultation pre-planning" webinar. Held online due to Covid, we're expecting to hear about results from the ecological surveys which have been taking place. As well as hopefully more insight into access routes, when planning may be applied for and an opportunity for the community to ask questions live at the end of the session.

Register by 1700 on December 14th (next Monday), using the link below to be granted access to join the live zoom meeting:

The webinar will run from 1800 on December 15th (Tuesday) 2020. No reminders will be shared by Protreat prior to the webinar.

Beautiful, tranquil woodland, home to countless well established species could be replaced with heavy machinery. With clay extraction slated for "around 31 years" (Source: Loxwood Clay Pits website), and a proposal for waste / construction materials recycling facility likely, machines to sort construction and demolition rubbish like (below), could become a common species in the woodland. Perhaps the webinar will confirm exactly what equipment will be sited in the woodland.

Don't forget to register by December 14th and remind family, friends and neighbours to do so too.

Want to get involved:

  1. Sign the petition at

  2. Like and share FaceBook posts on our group or page

  3. Discuss the plans with family, friends and neighbours

  4. Check back to the website for updates



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