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Many more villagers lives could be threatened with disruption.

Updated: Mar 8, 2021

A second pre-planning consultation webinar was held on Oct 27th 2020, presented by ProTreat, acting as agent for Loxwood Clay Pits Ltd.

Residents had to register in advance to join. On it we discovered an awareness leaflet drop had been distributed to 7,379 addresses in RH14 0 and RH12 0 postcodes. However very few residents had received the leaflet, as was seen in the webinar chat dialogue during the presentation.

Two key takeaways from the 51 slide, 1 hour 28 minutes long webinar were:

We heard that many more villagers’ lives may be affected by a route change for HGVs access entering and leaving the proposed site.

Potentially the routing would now take two directions affecting residents in Loxwood Road, Tismans Common, Bucks Green and Rudgwick towards the A281 in one direction. As well as towards Loxwood Village centre (home to the Medical Practice & Village School), along Loxwood Road, Station Road, on the B2133 to The High Street, Vicarage Hill towards Ifold, Plaistow and Wisborough Green in the other direction.

Will this routing change next time in the final pre-planning webinar - to go through Loxwood village north towards Alfold Bars and Alfold?

The second take away was that “Big Brother is watching us”. Everywhere it would seem.

Especially on social media, with comments from the community Facebook Group called out throughout the presentation..

Missed the webinar or unable to sign into it on the day? You can review all the slides and recording for yourself on Loxwood Clay Pit’s website: . There’s no need to register with them to review this material which is presented on the bottom of the main page.

We’ve yet to take our own poll, but the overwhelming local sentiment is that we want to Stop Loxwood Clay Pit Ltd from any commercial activity in Pallinghurst Woods, Loxwood.

What can you do?

  1. Stay in touch with local community action group via our Social Media channels on Twitter or FaceBook or sign up by email.

  2. Share the update with your friends, neighbours and family within the community.

  3. Be ready to say no when it comes to planning.


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