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Misleading and scaremongering...

Updated: Feb 13, 2021

In December 2020, local community action group were accused by Protreat of being "misleading and scaremongering" during the last of the three public "consultation" webinars.

We don’t agree with them.

At our end, we have always done our level best to approach this process from an honest, factual perspective, using the information that we have had shared by Protreat during the public "consultation". But to keep the peace, we’ve updated our main video:

This update shows an example of skip HGVs travelling along Loxwood Road, often on the wrong side of this small rural road. a similar Waste Recycling facility operation (based on the limited info shared by Protreat about what might be built) and clay pit.

Surprisingly Protreat were unable to share ANY similar imagery of the type of clay pit extraction operations we could expect to see, in any of their public consultations. Instead using a sand pit image to represent the scale of operation in some follow up notes emailed to those who attended, whilst critiquing the imagery used by the action group during the webinar.

Judge for yourself......

Enjoyed this video? Head over to our new video gallery to see more.

Join us and be ready to oppose the planning application when it appears in Spring 2021.

How to get involved:

  1. Sign the petition at

  2. Like and share FaceBook posts on our group or page

  3. Discuss the plans with family, friends and neighbours

  4. Check back to the website for updates



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