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Now we wait...

As the formal deadline for public comments ended yesterday, August 30th, the next key date is November 5th 2021 - the “determination date” for the planning application by West Sussex County Council.

We'd expect several things to happen before then:

  • Some local parish councils - or consultees - have been granted extension dates to provide their comments. These will appear in the public domain on the WSCC portal along with every other comment. Keep checking the portal if you want to see their comments, and do add your own objection if you have not already done so. We understand that “late” objections should still be considered.

  • It is likely, given the extensive public strength of feeling against this application, that the members of the planning committee at WSCC would undertake a site visit. These are, we understand not public events, so it’s unlikely we will know when that happens, if it does.

  • If the application goes to a full planning committee meeting, there is an opportunity for a few members of the public to speak. Anyone who has commented on the objection will be advised of this.

We'll keep our supporters updated as we discover more. Our own report from the experts we commissioned has been lodged with WSCC and will also appear on the portal in due course.

Thanks to everyone who has supported the effort to date, but it's far from over, so please keep showing your support and your banners and posters out so the councillors can see how you feel about the application.

Like to get even more involved? Please email the team at



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