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Objecting? Some Frequently Asked Questions which may help you.

A huge thank you to the circa 260 people (as of this morning), who have already objected to West Sussex County Council (WSCC) about the planning application from Loxwood Clay Pits Ltd. Let’s keep going right up to the deadline of August 30th to ensure WSCC hear the communities who could be affected by this application are heard loudly and clearly.

If you missed the local community action group at our recent village Pop-ups in Loxwood and Rudgwick, we’ll be out in force at Loxwood Fete this coming Saturday August 21st 11.00 - 16.00 at North Hall, Loxwood. Please come along and say hello or ask any questions you might still have. Free entry for all and a great way to support the local village.

At the recent pop-ups we were asked some common questions, which are shared below as a FAQ:

Q: I’ve already signed the petition set up by local councillor Gareth Evans – so I’ve objected?

A: Afraid not. There’s been an amazing response of over 5000 signatures, but WSCC will only consider direct objections to them and not petitions. It only takes a few minutes to object to WSCC, so please make time if you can, to do this before August 30th.

Q: How do I object to WSCC?

A: 3 easy ways – by email to (they will redact your address),

or online using the portal - just click “comment on this application”

or in writing to County Planning, County Hall, Chichester, PO19 1RH.

You need to share your name and address, email and application number which is WSCC/030/21 when objecting for validation.

Q: Who can object?

A: Anyone over 18, regardless of where you live.

Q: If I object for my partner and me does that count as two objections?

A: No, each objection needs to be sent separately and please use your own words as this is your objection.

Q: I need some more info on what I could say, can you help?

A: Please take a look at our summary objection guidance booklet, which contains info from the expert consultants to help you. You don’t need to use it all.

Objection guidance booklet
Download PDF • 270KB

Q: Is there going to be a public waste tip in the woods I can use?

A: No. The application is for a sizeable (5.5 x tennis courts in size and 2.5 x height of normal house) industrial waste recycling plant. It will receive skip loads of construction waste (bricks, plaster etc), which will be sorted, then skipped back out for resale. An industrial scale, commercial facility on a greenfield site. Powered by diesel generators. Resulting in HGVs on the rural roads approx. every 15 mins a day.


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