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Pattie Boyd joins calls to stop woodland development.

Updated: Feb 13, 2021

Former fashion model and photographer Pattie Boyd has joined the high-profile figures speaking out against proposals to build a clay pit and industrial recycling plant in a West Sussex woodland.

The icon of the 1960's and 70's and now successful photographer regularly walks her dog Freddie in Loxwood Woods and is appalled by the 33-year plan by Loxwood Clay Pits Ltd. The company is preparing to submit a planning application to West Sussex County Council, proposing clay extraction from the woodland and the development of a construction materials recycling facility. Clay will be trucked out by HGVs from the site, while construction waste/landfill will be trucked in, with all HGVs travelling along forest tracks and through the local villages of Loxwood, Rudgwick and Alfold in Surrey.

“Imagine the tranquility of this woodland, enjoyed by all of us, as well as wildlife for hundreds of years, replaced by heavy machinery and noise disturbance, five days a week from 8am to 6pm,” Pattie said.

Click here to watch Pattie who described the woods as “an enchanted forest” and added: “I love being here and hate to think of it being destroyed. It is so peaceful and beautiful, the air clean, no sound, it’s wonderful.”

Pattie, who has traveled all over the world in her career and while married to George Harrison and Eric Clapton, said the woods remained one of the most beautiful places she has been to.

She urged the public to get behind the local action group Stop Loxwood Clay Pit campaign and said a fundraising campaign had been set up to help fight the proposals. For details email

Last month rock musician Mike Rutherford also spoke out against the plans for the woodland and his fears for wildlife should permission be granted.

Want to get involved?:

  1. Sign the petition at

  2. Like and share FaceBook posts on our group or page

  3. Discuss the plans with family, friends and neighbours

  4. Check back to the website for updates



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