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Updated: Mar 18, 2021

The community protest to stop any development in Pallinghurst Woods, Loxwood was covered on BBC South Today at 13.30 and again on the evening news at 18.30 on Monday March 1st 2021.

In the leading article of the lunchtime news, viewers saw local rock icon Mike Rutherford speaking out against any proposed development in the woodland. In the longer evening segment, more details were shared.

The evening coverage from BBC South Today with reporter Sean Killick, can be found below:

Viewers also saw the owners agent, Chris Williamson from Protreat, claim that development would see a "bio-diversity net gain".

Woodlands expert and former CEO of Sussex Wildlife Trusts, Dr Tony Whitbread suggests in his bio-diversity video which can be found in the video gallery of the website, that achieving net biodiversity is a relatively simple outcome, but achieving it to match that within an established area, is much harder to achieve.

The campaign was also covered on BBC Sussex Breakfast radio, Tuesday March 2nd 2021. Local resident and global music icon Mike Rutherford was also interviewed by BBC Sussex and BBC Surrey radio on Wednesday 10th March. Click here to listen to the interview with Mike on our Facebook page.

If you want to show your support for the community action group, please contact us via



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